Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is MSUSA?

Established in 1967, the Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA) is an independent, non-profit organization funded and operated by students. MSUSA is funded by a $.43 per credit fee, paid by all students enrolled at a Minnesota state university. MSUSA serves nearly 70,000 students attending Minnesota’s seven state universities: Bemidji, Mankato, Metropolitan (St. Paul/Minneapolis), Moorhead, St. Cloud, Southwest (Marshall) and Winona.

The mission of the Minnesota State University Student Association is to educate and inform students about higher education issues that affect their lives as students, while providing opportunities for these students to use this knowledge to advocate on behalf of all Minnesota State University students.

MSUSA represents students at the system (MNSCU), state and federal levels. The association organizes students to actively engage in and affect policy decisions at these levels.

MSUSA informs students on the higher education issues affecting their lives and serves as a resource for a variety of related concerns. Some of these issues include: rising tuition costs, textbook prices, affordable childcare for student parents, and transfer issues.

MSUSA trains students in skill sets helpful for personal and professional development while encouraging participation in all forms of civic engagement.

Finally, MSUSA assists individual students with the ever-rising costs of tuition through its Penny Program and JPS Leadership Scholarship.

Find more information on MSUSA and opportunities to get involved at or call us today at (651) 224-1518.