Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Campus Visits: Bemidji-Moorhead Swing

I’m pleased to announce that Jered and I recently returned from a successful trip to northern Minnesota. We managed to pull off two successful campus visits in less than 24 hours. The nonstop campus tour took its toll on Jered though, as he was rambling incoherently the entire trip home. It is a small price to pay for two wildly-successful visits, however. Besides, I just slowly turned up the radio in imperceptibly small increments and, slowly but surely, drowned out his mutterings.

Our first stop was Bemidji State University. Our second all-female Campus Committee is a powerhouse. Arlene, Sarah, Kari and Prativa are all superstars. It was a pleasure to sit down and chat with the ladies about their plan for the year. They already have several exciting projects in the works, all designed to promote MSUSA, and after hearing about their ideas I’m couldn't be more excited about all they’re going to accomplish this year. After our informal conversation Jered walked Kari through some of the high points of planning media events, then we hit the campus to practice some clipboarding. It was a great day, as it always is in Bemidji. There was also a very welcome Joe Vito Moubry sighting! As if spending a beautiful Fall day in Bemidji wasn’t enough, the cherry on top was running into a funny, warm-hearted guy like Joe (Joe took the opportunity to make fun of Jered’s orange tie, to the delight of all present).

Early the next morning we awoke in Moorhead. After hitting snooze and going back to sleep, we finally awoke for good around 8:30am. Shortly thereafter Jered and I devoured a delicious continental breakfast at the Moorhead AmericInn. Then, fortified with freshly-pressed waffles, we meandered on over to the Moorhead campus.
Meeting with the Moorhead Campus Committee is a cold, hard blast of enthusiasm. I’ve never seen a group of people more excited to receive MSUSA promotional items than these four. Thom Beneke, the PR Speciliast, even has a strict rationing policy in place for the coveted Penny Program “squishy capitols.” He simply refuses to hand them out unless someone engages in pro-MSUSA activity on campus. His dedication to the cause is admirable.
During our meeting I swelled with pride as I listened to the level of thought Ashley, Robby (notice it’s spelled with a “y”… You don’t even want to know what happens if you spell it with an “ie”), Thom, and Priyanka invest in their individual work plans. It is obvious they all care deeply about doing the very best job they can. I’m so impressed with this group and feel very confident that the MSUSA brand is in good hands in dragon country.

Onward and upward to the next campus!

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