Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Campus Visit: St. Cloud, feat. Gov. Dayton, Secret Chambers, and Emma Watson!

J-Money Street (you may know him as Jered Weber) and I recently made our way to the glorious campus of St. Cloud State University. Everything about our trip was delightful. We were greeted warmly by Dale Rystad, the Legislative/MnSCU Specialist, almost immediately upon our arrival. Dale sprang fourth from the bushes, or some other hiding spot of that nature, to greet us with a warm welcome. After calming from the initial startle, we had quite a nice conversation.

We strolled across the leaf-strewn campus to meet up with Jarrod Wiggins, the ebullient Campus Coordinator, and Juliet Ogembo, the very capable and talented Diversity Specialist. Our group of 5 watched the ground-breaking ceremony for new science building on campus. I’m not sure what type of science experiments will be conducted in this new facility, but I assume it has something to do with time travel or perhaps reanimating the cryogenically frozen corpse of Walt Disney.

Governor Dayton was in attendance and made a very Dayton-like speech (take that as you will), but his remarks were completely overshadowed by the eloquence of the St. Cloud Student Body President and MSUSA Board Member, Sam Ivey. Sam brought the audience to tears with her alternately touching and witty oration.

After the proceedings, our group of 5 made our way to the Atwood Student Union. Jarrod lead us down a hidden passageway lit with torches en route to a top secret meeting chamber. I was surprised to hear that very few St. Cloud students know about the underground passageways beneath Atwood.

Shortly after we settled ourselves around a giant table in the bowels of the student union, a sharp knock was heard at the door. I was a little unsettled (due most likely to the medieval torture devices located throughout the secret chamber), but my unease immediately evaporated when I saw the smiling face of Public Relations Specialist Mo Yaqub bound into the room. Mo pushed aside the iron maiden and took his place at the round table.

The ensuing meeting was most productive. We discussed all sorts of matters related to the Campus Committee and, after our meeting, I found myself brimming with confidence as I envisioned all of the glorious things this group is sure to achieve. I am pleased to report that all is well in the Cloud!

As we clambered out of the passageway and back into the daylight, one final surprise awaited us before our departure. Ms. Emma Watson herself (or at least a two-dimensional representation of her) was standing there with a look of steely determination. It was as if she sensed her biggest fan was afoot! For those who don’t know, Jered (J$) has been pursuing Ms. Watson for some time. It was priceless to see his eyes light up as they finally laid rest upon the object of his affection. I'm pleased to report that Emma was gracious enough to consent to a photo with her suitor (please visit Jered’s Facebook page for the evidence). What a magical place this St. Cloud is!

Onward and upward to the next campus!

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