Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Campus Visit: Metro State University

Last Thursday, after a long day of extremely hard work in the MSUSA office, I made the arduous journey (lasting almost 5 minutes!) to the shining beacon on the hill otherwise known as the Metropolitan State University.

My purpose was to visit with the Metro State MSUSA Campus Committee.

Shortly after arriving on campus I ventured into the New Main building with its shining glass fa├žade. I made my way down the circular medieval staircase to the second subterranean level. There, amid the dark, I noticed a beam of light begin to form in the distance. As I stood there in tense anticipation the beam crept across the floor and ultimately spilled onto my feet. I proceeded with caution, carefully placing one delicate step ahead of the other. As I drew nearer to the source of light I saw a visage of great familiarity begin to materialize. Before I could fully comprehend what was happening I found myself peering through the glass of the Metro State Student Senate office. On the other side of the glass, as if I was peering down through the surface of some magical pool of water, Dea price appeared. She waived me into the room as if she was expecting me. Perhaps this is because we arranged the meeting several days prior.

As I sat down in the Student Senate office, Metro State campus committee members began to appear. In what seemed like a blink of an eye all were present except the noble Diversity Specialist, Francis Cristobal. At the time, Francis was making his way to St. Cloud for the Power in Diversity conference. This was a most-worthy excuse.

The remaining Campus Committee members (Dea Price, Brian Wemerskirchin, and Angi Daus) and I began to have a conversation about the nature and function of the MSUSA Campus Committee on the Metro State campus. Many excellent points were made including some from the Campus Committee members themselves.

I left the meeting with a sense of hope and optimism. The four courageous souls that comprise the Metro State Campus Committee are focused on making the MSUSA-Metro State relationship strong. With their leadership as a guiding light, I am confident in the reality of that outcome.

Onward and upward to the next campus!


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