Thursday, February 23, 2012

MSUSA Advocacy Across the State: Amy Klobuchar Visits with Minnesota State University Moorhead Students

 Image via Jessica Fleming, Minnesota State University Moorhead

This past Sunday (February 19) students from Minnesota State University Moorhead were able to meet with Amy Klobuchar to talk about many of the issues the Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA) advocates for at the federal level. These are their thoughts on the event.

Kimberly Ehrlich, MSUM Student Body President and MSUSA Board Member

The Amy Klobuchar event went really well. There were a diverse group of students in attendance that asked some interesting and pertinent questions of the senator. We were able to make contacts with local representatives who have passed on some of our concerns and would like to meet with us at a later date individually to collect statements and have a conversation about what the senator should be keeping in mind regarding the personal effect legislation may have on students. We were encouraged by the senator's support of Pell grants and keeping higher education affordable at a federal level, and hope to continue this conversation in the future.

‪Jessica Bernier, MSUM Student

‪The Senator Klobuchar open forum was a really neat experience and something I am glad that I got to be a part of. Having the chance to meet her and getting student opinions to her was quite awesome. I'm grateful that she was able to take the time to come visit Moorhead and she seemed truly interested in what the students, faculty, and community members had to say.‬

‪Robert Trefethren, MSUM Student and MSUSA Legislative/MnSCU Specialist

The Senator Klobuchar open forum was extremely informative and I am proud I was given the opportunity to help organize the event. The Senator was very accessible and was willing to stay after the event to talk to any student personally. I am extremely proud that we have a Senator who is willing to take the time and listen to Minnesota's students' issues. I hope that Senator Klobuchar would be willing to visit Moorhead yet again.

Be sure to check out the MSUM advocate article from the event here.

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