Wednesday, May 2, 2012

JPS Spring 2012 Recipient: Francis Ray Cristobal

The Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA) and the Jared P. Stene Student Leadership Scholarship Board are pleased to award Francis Ray Cristobal for his commitment to student leadership at Metropolitan State University. Francis has been chosen to receive the $2,000 Spring 2012 award.

Francis Ray Cristobal was born in the urban-industrial city of Iligan, Philippines, also locally known as the City of Waterfalls. He currently resides in Woodbury, Minnesota. He is the oldest of four siblings. He came to United States for college education and attended Augsburg College in Minneapolis, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Management Information Systems and International Business. He went on to complete a Master in Management Information Systems from Metropolitan State University, College of Management, in St. Paul. He is now back at Metropolitan State University to complete a third BA in Aviation Management to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Francis is active in student organizations at Metropolitan State, and currently serves as President of the International Student Organization (ISO), and is Co-Founder and Vice President of The Walkabout Group. He was recently re-elected to the Student Senate for 2012-2013, placing first in the popular vote out of twenty candidates.

Francis has visited 24 countries and 202 cities. He enjoys backpacking around the world and meeting and interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. His favorite trip was an 8400-mile road trip from Minnesota to the West Coast then north to Alaska and back through Banff National Park.

Francis actively seeks new experiences and adventures which will better his understanding of himself and the world. He enjoys making new friends and believes that every person has a story worth sharing. He is also a strong believer in making a difference, through simple actions with unwavering dedication.

In November of 2007, MSUSA lost a highly valued student leader.  Jared Stene led his peers in advocacy for public higher education and was able to make a real and lasting impact during the all too short time he had here with us.  Jared was a student at Winona State University.  He served as the Student Body President and on the MSUSA Board of Directors.

In an effort to recognize his leadership, the MSUSA Board of Directors chose to honor Jared's hard work and commitment by creating a scholarship in his name.  The Jared P. Stene Student Leadership Scholarship is a way to honor the phenomenal accomplishments Jared had, and to carry forward Jared's belief in opportunity for all who wished to pursue higher education.  This scholarship will be awarded to students who share Jared's leadership and passion for student advocacy.  The financial support will assist students in continuing to lead others at a time when tuition continues to rise.

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